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Engage Audiences Virtually with Avon Kettner

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In a world where virtual and hybrid events are gaining popularity, having a skilled and engaging host is essential. Look no further than Avon Kettner.

With experience in various industries, expertise in webinars and live streaming, and a strong understanding of digital platforms, Kettner can adapt his hosting services to suit the unique challenges and opportunities that virtual and hybrid events present.

He will ensure that your audience remains engaged, entertained, and connected, whether they are attending in-person or online.

Make your virtual and hybrid events memorable and impactful with Avon Kettner’s expertise. Contact him today for a free consultation.

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    Jamie Ryu

    “Samsung is very glad to have had Mr. Kettner introducing artificial intelligence in health care solutions for our company. Especially to transfer that much information in an entertaining and still informative way needed a lot of professionality. He was perfectly prepared and had great ideas to create his presentation. With no doubt, we recommend him for further events!”

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    Why choose Avon Kettner?

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    Dynamic Trade Fair Hosting Expert

    With specialized training in dynamic trade fair hosting and the host method, Kettner captivates attendees and inspires them to take action.
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    Versatile Acting, Voice & Speech Professional

    With extensive training in acting, voice, and speech, Kettner brings a wide range of emotions and expressions to any stage.
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    Broad Film, Television & Stage Experience

    A true professional in presenting and hosting, Kettner has a wealth of experience in film, television, and stage.
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    Studied Media Management for In-Depth Event Production

    Kettner’s expertise in media, event production, and performance enables him to host on and off-stage events that deliver the message and makes the event memorable.

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