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Want to make your next corporate event a success?
Look no further than Avon Kettner.

With 30 years of experience on stage, training in acting, voice, and media management, Kettner has a unique set of skills to create content-rich events that engage and inspire.

From small private ceremonies to large-scale product launches and conferences, Kettner has hosted events of all sizes and types.

Don’t let the pressure of hosting a successful corporate event get to you. Contact Avon Kettner now for a free consultation and host your next event with confidence.

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  • Testimonial Potrait
    Beatrice Müller

    “One of the decisive factors for the course and success of the event was that we had Avon as a host. He motivated the audience and skillfully brought the mood of our guests into the desired direction with his performance. Many thanks!”

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  • Testimonial Potrait
    Monika Kistemann

    “We would like to thank Avon for the professional and enjoyable presentation at our gala. He really managed to “affect people”. Thanks to Avon, the evening was a complete success for our guests. In the future, we would like to continue to work with him as a consultant and presenter.”

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    Why choose Avon Kettner?

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    Dynamic Trade Fair Hosting Expert

    With specialized training in dynamic trade fair hosting and the host method, Kettner captivates attendees and inspires them to take action.
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    Versatile Acting, Voice & Speech Professional

    With extensive training in acting, voice, and speech, Kettner brings a wide range of emotions and expressions to any stage.
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    Broad Film, Television & Stage Experience

    A true professional in presenting and hosting, Kettner has a wealth of experience in film, television, and stage.
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    Studied Media Management for In-Depth Event Production

    Kettner’s expertise in media, event production, and performance enables him to host on and off-stage events that deliver the message and makes the event memorable.

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