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Captivate Viewers
with Avon Kettner

Hosting for
TV Shows and Image Films


Television Presenting
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Web & TV Shows
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Capture your audience’s attention and keep them engaged with the help of Avon Kettner’s hosting services for TV shows and image films.

With a diverse background in acting, media management, and extensive experience in dubbing and teleprompter usage, Kettner possesses the skills needed to deliver compelling, entertaining, and informative content.

Whether it’s a television show, corporate video, or web series, Kettner’s captivating presence will hold your audience’s interest from start to finish.

Don’t settle for ordinary when it comes to your on-screen projects. Reach out to Avon Kettner for a free consultation and make your TV shows and image films truly stand out.

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    Sonja Patricia Lukas-Novy

    “Absolutely great job you have done!”

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    Why choose Avon Kettner?

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    Dynamic Trade Fair Hosting Expert

    With specialized training in dynamic trade fair hosting and the host method, Kettner captivates attendees and inspires them to take action.
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    Versatile Acting, Voice & Speech Professional

    With extensive training in acting, voice, and speech, Kettner brings a wide range of emotions and expressions to any stage.
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    Broad Film, Television & Stage Experience

    A true professional in presenting and hosting, Kettner has a wealth of experience in film, television, and stage.
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    Studied Media Management for In-Depth Event Production

    Kettner’s expertise in media, event production, and performance enables him to host on and off-stage events that deliver the message and makes the event memorable.

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