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Shine in the Spotlight
with Avon Kettner: the Master of the Stage

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Expert Emcee & TV Show Host

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Professional Actor & Master Performer

Trusted by 40+ Clients Worldwide

Bring your vision to life with Avon Kettner, the expert in event moderation for international brands and companies

Meet Avon Kettner

Avon Kettner excited

Avon Kettner’s 30 years on stage and 12 years of hosting expertise result in captivating and memorable events.

His diverse skill set in acting, voice, fashion, and media ensures events that are both informative and entertaining, leaving a lasting impact on the audience. 

Kettner has worked with various clients and industries, from product launches to corporate conferences. With his expertise and valuable insights, he has consistently helped clients achieve their goals, elevating their events.

Avon Kettner excited

Kettner in His Own Words

Experience Kettner’s unique ability to inspire, engage, and captivate audiences with his energy and passion from start to finish.

Discover Why You Need Avon Kettner on Your Team:

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Dynamic Trade Fair Hosting Expert

With specialized training in dynamic trade fair hosting and the host method, Kettner captivates attendees and inspires them to take action.
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Versatile Acting, Voice & Speech Professional

With extensive training in acting, voice, and speech, Kettner brings a wide range of emotions and expressions to any stage.
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Broad Film, Television & Stage Experience

A true professional in presenting and hosting, Kettner has a wealth of experience in film, television, and stage.
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Studied Media Management for In-Depth Event Production

Kettner’s expertise in media, event production, and performance enables him to host on and off-stage events that deliver the message and makes the event memorable.

Steal the Show:
Get a Glimpse of Avon’s Presenting Skills

Discover why Avon is the go-to choice for unforgettable events. Watch his showreel and see for yourself.

McDonald’s Commercial

NTT DATA Commercial

O2 Product Presentation

BriefButler Commercial

Sparkasse Commercial

Dosaan Product Presentation

Collage of Avon Kettner's past appearances as a host Collage of Avon Kettner's past appearances as a host

Experience the Magic of 30 Years on Stage

Hear it from the Top Brands:
Avon’s Testimonials

  • Testimonial Potrait
    Jamie Ryu
    Samsung is very glad to have had Mr. Kettner introducing artificial intelligence in health care solutions for our company. Especially to transfer that much information in an entertaining and still informative way needed a lot of professionality. He was perfectly prepared and had great ideas to create his presentation. With no doubt, we recommend him for further events.
  • Testimonial Potrait
    Mariola Barreau
    MB Créateurs
    We had a great collaboration with Avon! He supported our event entertainingly. He was very professional in the entire process and demonstrated competency throughout it. We are very grateful for the successful event.
  • Testimonial Potrait
    Diana Haupt
    TK Maxx

    Thanks to Avon’s presentation, all events were a huge success. We have received only enthusiastic praise from the customer side. He not only managed to convey the extensive information in a way that was always understandable, but also motivated, entertained, and inspired our customers. The vocal endurance and the ability to inspire people is always amazing.

  • Testimonial Potrait
    Farid Zendagui
    Thyssen Krupp

    Thank you very much for the extremely friendly and professional collaboration! You provided excellent support in coordinating the outfits right from the start. Your thorough preparation and focused, committed effort on set were impressive. Thanks to your help, we were able to complete the shoot quickly and with a wide range of vocal and expressive variations. We look forward to working with you again in the future!

  • Testimonial Potrait
    Beatrice Müller
    Roche Diagnostics

    One of the decisive factors for the course and success of the event was that we had Avon as a presenter. He motivated the audience and skillfully brought the mood of our guests into the desired direction with his performance. Many thanks!

  • Testimonial Potrait
    Victoria Franke

    Thanks to Avon for doing an awesome job as the moderator at our Telekom event on ‘Fighting hate speech online.’ Everyone loved it, from the guests to the Telekom staff. Avon asked just the right questions and made everyone feel at ease, giving us all a great understanding of the topic. He was friendly, informative, and clearly skilled at what he does. We can’t wait to work with him again!

  • Testimonial Potrait
    Jessica Reul
    Fashion Time International

    With his lively presentation, spontaneity, and commitment Avon contributed significantly to the success of our event!

  • Testimonial Potrait
    Monika Kistemann
    TOPAS Agentur

    We would like to thank Avon for the professional and enjoyable presentation at our gala. He really managed to “affect people”. Thanks to Avon, the evening was a complete success for our guests. In the future, we would like to continue to work with him as a consultant and presenter.

  • Testimonial Potrait
    Petra Klein
    Agentur Schmid

    Thank you so much for your outstanding moderation of our Summer Fashion Show. With your characteristic composure, ease, and professionalism, you guided our guests on an informative and entertaining journey through the event. Your presence not only completed the show but also enriched it with exciting information. We look forward to more events together!

  • Testimonial Potrait
    Verena David
    Marc Cain

    Mr. Kettner captivated us as a host with his charm and expertise. A highlight for our events in Paderborn, Gütersloh, and Herford. Highly recommended!

  • Testimonial Potrait
    Sonja Patricia Lukas-Novy
    BMW Brand Ambassador

    Absolutely great job you have done.