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Content-rich events delivered through the power of story-telling

An event is observed through different personality lenses, and, as a presenter, I consider the success of your event as my responsibility. When I am on the stage, I aspire to entertain your audience in the here and now and turn the event into a blissful memory. To do that, a good presenter needs to follow a proven recipe for a successful event, and positive vibes make my key ingredient. With nearly three decades of experience in different roles—an actor, fashion coach, and design specialist, to name a few—coupled with media industry studies, I can proudly offer my presenter services for events of all sizes.

Find out why you need someone like me on your team:

  • Trained presenter with various specialisations such as dynamic trade fair presenting and professional event presenting based on the host method
  • Various trainings obtained in the fields of acting, musicality, voice and speech
  • Numerous film, television and stage appearances
  • Knowledge of economic components and production processes of events through studies in media economy
  • Long-term fashion coach and design expert, especially for high fashion, cuts, fabrics and functionality
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+ 26 years stage experience

+ 10 years presenting experience

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Presenter & Master of Ceremonies

From small private ceremonies to professional corporate events, I deliver content that resonates with your audience by making them engaged participants rather than mere spectators.

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Corporate Events: Congresses, Conferences, Workshops, etc.

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Product Launches at Trade Fairs, Roadshows, etc.

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TV Shows, Zoom Facilitation, Hybrid Events, Image Films

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Fashion & Design Shows

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Store Openings

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Career Highlights

I remember that ever since I was a little boy—I might have been five years old—I wanted to entertain people. This enthusiasm has naturally brought me to the stage of the children's theatre at the tender age of six. Things really took off, and by the time I reached 14, I was already enrolled in dance school. It wasn't long before I started entering dance competitions and recording my first milestones. It was an unforgettable period of many opportunities, which grew my passion for the stage even stronger.

My charismatic stage presence brought me many requests for dance and fashion shows, which I gladly accepted. Having worked for many years as a model and dancer at fashion shows, I was also able to acquire my knowledge in the fashion sector, which I still use today as a fashion coach and design specialist.

Over time, I started getting booked for bigger and bigger events, which further encouraged me to explore my talent in acting. Hence, I started taking lessons and attending various workshops with a focus on acting and voice training.

With my newly acquired skills, I was cast as an actor in various TV and web series as well as TV commercials in several countries. At the same time, I also played in operas, such as at the Stuttgart State Opera and the Bonn Opera.

I’ve always been nurturing my love for theater, and I can still be seen on the stage. However, at the time, I felt as though I had exhausted the potential in this branch.

Being a curious person who strives for more, the next role that naturally followed course was an MC and presenter. I love meeting and communicating with people, and creating exciting characters and stories for their events. You can say that it is not a job, but rather a vocation. There's inner satisfaction in inspiring people and making them forget about time. It is that I have finally found the perfect way to combine all my passions.

My academic studies just complete the whole picture. To better understand the economic components and production processes of events, I studied media economics, thus becoming an expert for events of all sizes. Equipped with all the necessary tools, I have set myself up for success in a versatile job that allows me to inspire people by sharing information and unforgettable moments with them.

Yours sincerely,

Avon Kettner

Let's create unforgettable moments together.

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